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About Tamara

Hi, my name is Tamara, a Maryland pianist who is passionate about teaching the craft of playing the piano. My goal is to instill in each of my students the confidence to play and express themselves as well as cultivate an appreciation of music no matter where they go in life.

I’m fortunate to have a wonderful studio and space and singing Yamaha grand piano in a little piece of the country in Montgomery County Maryland. There’s no Starbucks but you can hear the roosters and cows from neighboring farms as well as the chirping chickadees, cardinals and even red-tailed hawks that reside in our backyard. For information about lessons click here.

From the time I was 10 and received a pint sized piano from my grandmother, I knew the power that music and sound provided.  The magic of playing and touching the keys and having something come out that gave you an instant sense of either joy, sorrow or other emotion, was gratifying and calming.  I knew I wanted to learn to play and also give that gift to others. [Including my own children who are now grown but for whom music has also shaped and enriched their lives.]

I was fortunate to find great teachers from which to study and learn classical piano but also a lot of other styles. I have studied piano technique, music theory and performance for over 13 years and continue to deepen my knowledge of “how to teach” and translate this to students.  I love figuring out how to make something that seems impossible to play possible, as well as when my students teach me something new which is often the case! 

When I’m not teaching and practicing, you will find me hiking, biking, cooking and exploring new places in the world. 

Over the course of the last few years, I traveled to both Costa Rica and Mexico to become a 300 level certified yoga teacher with Marianne Wells Yoga School. Through the training, I learned the asanas, poetry and breath work of yoga, as well as many techniques for deepening the connection to all of our senses. It is my hope to integrate these teachings into my piano studio to bring greater concentration, relaxation, and joy into playing the piano.